Saturday 26 April 2014

The Cabin

Is not the sort of place I would choose to go. First off, it is in Whiteinch, near nothing else and second the idea of live entertainment might float a lot of people's boats, but not mine.
It was a works night out so there were a group of us. The food is very reasonably priced. I had mussels, one or two were a bit gritty but reasonable sized served with a garlic shallot cream, which was slightly too salty. The soda bread it came with was apparently very good. I didn't eat it as avoiding bread at the moment.
The pre theatre is £18 for 3 course, with the mussels having a £2 supplement and my beef Wellington a £5 supplement. The beef Wellington was an individual one and tasty although very salty. The mushroom sauce was good but some of the root veg undercooked particularly the parsnip. My friends starter of venison meatballs with egg noodles was described as tasty if a bit on the small side, and his main of lemon sole, with colcannon unfortunately a bit tasteless.
Most of us had the brioche bread and butter pudding which was described by someone who has it as their favourite pudding, as disappointing and too sweet. I very rarely have it so thought it alright.

The main problem came at the end of the night when we settled up the bill. As a group we had drank a fair bit so that would have been good for their profit. We had all paid a £10 deposit which there being 16 of us, we expected £160 to be deducted from the bill. But no they only would deduct £100 from the bill. When we asked why they said it was for the no shows. The original size if the group was 16, so even though I have never heard of this in any other restuarant ( and even though there were empty tables) we would have accepted a £30 penalty but then they started playing silly beggars and said that the original size of the group was 18 not 16 that's why they took more off us. When we stated that 16 was always the size of the party they said they had no confirmation of that and that 18 was what they were expecting and that they would deduct money for 5 no shows.
At the end of the day we let them have their £50 but withheld our tip and all 13 of us decided we would never go back. 

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