Monday 15 September 2008

Bar Mut

I really liked this place. I don't know if it was because the first night we went we were slightly tipsy having just been at Dry Martini for some excellent cocktails. We got there about ten and had to wait ten mins, beer in hand, for a seat.

The place had a really nice buzz to it and I like the open shelves and cluttered look. When we were seated it was opposite each other in front of a piano which was kinda cute. The menu is written up on blackboards dotted about the ceiling. Our waiter spoke excellent English and went through most of it for us. We started off with two salads the first was a guacamole and green bean salad

You can guess who ordered that and the other was a tuna tomato and onion salad which had me drooling after it the rest of the week. You know you are abroad when such a simple combo of ingredients tastes so good. It was so good I don't have any photos of it or what came after, either. We were hungry. An drunk. I then had the solomillo thinking it would be like the one served in Paco Meralgo. It turned out to be a huge chunk of fillet. I wasn't complaining as it too was perfectly cooked but it didn't hold a candle to the PM one. HI had a foie and duck burger which turned out to be a very rich tartare. It was very tasty. The food wasn't cheap and the only thing that annoyed me was or waiter who I started off liking took the liberty of taking his tip put of our change before giving it us back. I think he must have thought we were too drunk to notice.
Initially I didn't want to go back but the tuna salad had me good, so we went back twice more. Once for lunch. We had the salad again

and a yummy fried egg and chorizo dish and a dish of very tasty mussels.

The last time we went back was a bit of a farce. I had read about the Sunday 'Vermut' tradition and we had been told it opened at 11.30am on Sunday so we turned up thinking that would be a lovely start to our last day. We asked for Vermut to be given pint-glass of the stuff. It was actually quite pleasant.

You get a siphon of soda and it makes it taste like juice! Boozy juice. Half way through, I tried to order some food only told be told the kitchen didn't open till half one. I had been for a run and had drank a pint of vermouth. I was starving! I was a bit sad as I had really been looking forward to my tuna salad but it was not to be.

Tipsy at noon we trotted off searching for some much need sustenance.

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