Wednesday 20 May 2009

Lunch at La Trompette

This was the last meal of our trip. We were 7 for Sunday luch and we had a jolly time indeed. Given the size of our party they sat us quiet early which suited us fine. They put us at the back, maybe realising we would be slighlty exuberant but this also worked in our favour as we had enough space to relax and for once the staff was quire laid back, and shared a laugh or two with us. The service this time, was much better, as previously it has been on the extremely slow side.

Given the meal was a while back, I can't quiet exactly remember what each dish is, sorry! But hopefully the pictures will tell the story.

"Boudin blanc with sautéed spinach, madeira sauce and pistachio nuts" Damian always orders this and always finishes it.

Some sort of confit salmon which was unfortunately too salty for Emma's taste

My goujons. Not something that I would normally order but many of the starters were not pregnant lady friendly. Hard to fault but not particularly exciting.

Red mullet with some sort of risotto nero

Duck magret, crisp pastilla of confit leg and foie gras, glazed endive, spiced duck jus

Roast breast of poulet noir, glazed chicken wings, pomme cocotte, braised parsnips. I think this was Neill's main and he liked it lots.

Grilled calves liver and bacon with potato gnocchi, onion rings, rosemary and madeira. HI ordered this of course, and his little face looked very happy.

Given my food restrictions I was not able to order as I normally would, thus my starter was a little tame for my liking whereas my main the beef hit the spot. My pudding too was exceptional.

It was a almond tart served with cream and it was lovely. Not something I usually eat but I ate it all.

Victoria's grapefruit granita was also declared a success.

Given you get high quality food for the reasonable sum of £37.50 for three courses (£47.50 for four to include cheese) it must be one of the best lunch deals on offer, apart from Le Gavroche of course. But then who wants to wear a jacket to lunch all the time?

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