Tuesday 22 April 2008

A maxi-adventure: Part V: Ground, Chiswick.

We tried to take it easy food wise on Saturday morning after the excellent grazing we had accomplished the day before. It wasn't that easy as we were staying at my mum's and she insisted on making us fresh dosa with chutney. We did our family duty though, and managed to eat them as fast as she made them. Feeling very full, and somewhat hungover we made our way to Chiswick, where Neill and Emma stay.

It would seem that foodies are well provided for in Chiswick. On the High Road there at least two brasseries and a couple of fancy burger places not to mention some gastro-pubs. Just off the high road are La Trompette and the Devonshire, more of which later.

As we had a late dinner reservation at La Trompette, we decided to have a late lunch, and despite all that had gone before decided on a burger. Now, if you have read my Stravaigin post you will know where my loyalties lie, but Neill recommended Ground and we were far from home, so why not?

Ground is one of at least four fancy Burger places in London. It prides itself on 7oz Scottish grass fed Beef burgers that are chargrilled in their open kitchen and then topped with fresh ingredients
The atmosphere is pretty relaxed and efficient, and the fact it sold Modelo Especial beer as standard, and had Banana Bread beer on special, only made us which there were places like this in Glasgow.

I had the NY burger but substituted the BBQ sauce and relish for garlic mayo and chimichurri. This request was met without the bat of an eyelash. Points on.

new york deli scotch beef - mature cheddar - bacon - barbecue sauce - coleslaw - relish - onion - tomato - lettuce 7.40

HI had this
chilli scotch beef - jalapenos - guacamole - sweet chilli mayo - relish - onion - beef tomato - lettuce 6.75

I had to leave the table to take a call and by the time I got back it was gone! It was apparently very good.

Neill had this
classic cheese scotch beef - mature cheddar - relish - onion - beef tomato - mayo - lettuce 6.40

He too was finished by the time I got back which explains the lack of photos and also speaks for the burgers!

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