Sunday 27 April 2008

The Scofflaw.

Pop Quiz!

A Scofflaw is

1. One who habitually violates the law or fails to answer court summonses. (Courtesy of the Free Dictionary).

2. The name of the 99th episode of Seinfeld.

3. Coined simultaneously by Mr Henry Irving Dale and Miss Kate L. Butler for a contest held in Boston in 1923 in which a word for "a lawless drinker of illegally made or illegally obtained liquor" was sought during the Prohibition era.
(Courtesy of Michale Quinion of World Wide Words)

4. A rather tasty cocktail that may well replace the Margharita as my favourite?

Consisting of
* 2 oz. rye
* 1 oz. dry vermouth
* 1/2 oz. lemon juice
* 1/4 oz. grenadine
* 1 dash orange bitters

Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

We went through 3 incarnations trying to re-create the taste of the ones we had at The Hawksmoor.


Evil Scofflaw

Son of Scofflaw

In case you are wondering the answer is - all of the above! and that son of Scofflaw was our friend.

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