Tuesday 13 January 2009

Artichoke Basille.

This place gets rave reviews and I can see why. I think we may have lucked out as we walked and bought a slice without any wait. I opted for a plain slice and it was here that I realised the value of char. It can make or break a pizza.I don't know if Artichoke is a veggie pizza place and I think I may have inadvertently offended the guy behind the counter by asking for a pepperoni slice when there were clearly none of the sort available. I am not usually ignorant like that but one of the pizzas looked like it had meat on it, but was actually tomato. Doh. Not used to seeing fresh ingredients on my pizzas, am I. I couldn't bring myself to go the whole hog and order the Artichoke slice for fear of entering a cholesterol coma. I think this was better than the pizza we had at Arturo's but would it be as good as Di Fara's?


Timmy Fiscus said...

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Karlee said...

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