Monday 26 May 2008

The left bank.

I have always kind of avoided the left bank for some reason, and I am not talking Beirut. So, when I read on it's website that it had been given an AA rosette I thought it was time to give it another try.
It's the sort of place I should like, as it offers a selection of small plates with an Asian slant. The problem being, that as usual, the execution usually falls short of the mark. My mark. The place itself had been done up well, they have made great use of the space with lots of little nooks and crannies that feature bare stone, leather and of course, the requisite wallpaper form Timorous Beasties.

Today was another sunny bank holiday and the three of us met for lunch. Damian being good, as usual, ordered the soup,

boring soup

myself the salty and pepper squid,

chewy squid

the sticky ribs

excellent ribs

and the king prawns with salsa.

three! for £5.50

HI ever true to the search for the perfect burger, ordered one.

blah burger, with poor excuse for mayonnaise

Damian didn't say much about the soup, and my squid was way too peppery and a bit chewy, one of the reasons I tend not to order it in many places. The prawns, of which there were three (!), were large, cooked right, but too full of coriander for my liking.
The ribs however, were excellent. The meat fell off the bone, the marinade was hot and sticky, and the portion was generous. HI verdict on the burger was neh. It was overpowered by a lot of beetroot that I don't remember being mentioned on the menu. The chips were good however, only slightly marred by their refusal to serve plain mayonnaise.

I remember previously having an unsuccessful argument based on the logic that, even if they were making their own mayo and then turning it into chipotle, then at some point they would have had plain mayo? Apparently not.

So, would I go back? Maybe for a beer and some ribs but there are other places that do better squid and better burgers.

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Unknown said...

The soup was indeed stunningly dull....

Stravaigin's/Liquid ship's soup knocks it into a cocked hat...

That is all.