Friday 19 September 2008

Pinotxo, of course.

Another of my favourite places, especially for breakfast. A glass of cava first thing in the morning, how civilised! The chickpeas are my idea of heaven. I think the secret ingredient is morcilla. They, along with some padron, followed by a cortado make a perfect start to the day.

Juanito, the owner, is a icon in his own right. The deal is stand behind people who are seated at the counter. It looks chaotic but Juanito will know you are there, and seats people in order. Once folk stand up he will gesture you to sit down. I always prefer to sit at his end. Even though I only know a few words of Catalan I love watching how a bunch of complete strangers, most of whom are local, strike up animated amusing conversations which Juanito participates in.

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