Tuesday 16 September 2008

Tapa c24

Carlos Abellan, the brains behind Commerc 24, opened this modern tapas place and I think it's one of the best around. I loved it last time, and I loved it this time too.

The McFoie burger. Foie Gras in a broiche bun. Tasty but way too rich, even for me. HI loved it.

"ALHUCEMAS" LAMB KEBAB very tasty, moist and tender.

Tapa C24 is home to the bikini,seen in the middle at the front, one of the most statisfying creations around- stringy cheese, jamon and truffle. Mmmh mmmh. Perfect.
Pascadito Frito on the left. They look like fried Gekkos.

They were a little disappointing. I had thought their skins would be nice and crunchy and you could bite them whole, but they also had quite a large backbone which I needed to disect out.
We tried to go here on Sunday after finding out Bar Mut didn't serve food until 1.30 pm but unfortunately it's was not open.
No truffle bikini's for you!

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