Monday 8 September 2008

Fifi and Ally: the rant.

I actually considered getting Rachel to write this to show that I am not the only one disappointed by what is going on here. I was a bit late meeting her, so she had ample opportunity to observe behind the scenes. She had ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and her wine glass had a lipstick print on it so she pointed it out and watched as her waiter almost poured the wine from the dirty glass to another, on realising she could see him, he opened up a new one.

It's this sort of thing that makes our hearts sink, because as you can see they have managed to source some lovely products, have a really well-conceptualised space but the apparent lack of management, or of effective management, seems to let the place down time and time again. People waiting to be seated, to get given menus, have their drinks orders, then their orders, waiting for the orders waiting for the bills..They seem to have enough staff but no one co-ordinating them. The upkeep seems lacking too: the counter which was next to us, looked like it hadn't been dusted in ages and the menus were dog eared and some splattered with coffee and other stains, which I hoped were edible in their origin. Why do we go back? Unfortunately, there is no where else that does what it does. They have found a niche and seem to take it for granted.

It's a lovely, chic place that deserves better than it gets.


Unknown said...

You should email them a link to your blog.

Just to cheer them up.


Unknown said...

I totally agree. I went there for lunch the other weekend and had to ask twice for the coffee I ordered. There does seem to be a lot of staff who either ignore your order or harass you to order. Shame.