Wednesday 3 December 2008

New York: 1st and 2nd breakfast.

Being jet lagged has it's advantages. Waking up at 5am allowed me to go for a run, get washed and changed and hit the streets by 7am. I headed straight to donut plant.

Suffering from eyes too big for belly, I bought the coconut glaze, the peanut butter glaze

and the tres leche.

I didn't like the tres leche as it is a cake donught, I much prefer yeast ones. The coconut was interesting.

The flakes were real and inside was coconut milk as oppose to coconut flavoured condensed milk which was what I was expecting. I don't know if I would get another. The peanut glaze was ok but there was not enough jelly in it to give that good old pbj magic. I obviously didn't eat them all there and then but took them back to the bat cave to share with his Highness. On the way back I stopped by at Falai which

was practically the only other place open at that time. As well as coffee they do some nifty pastries.

A pear and chocolate danish. nice flaking.

Now after all that sweet stuff what could be better than something savoury?! Time to engage second stomach. Fortuitously Russ and Daughters was just round the corner. Even though I hit it dead on at 9am it was pretty busy. Just as well I knew what I wanted 'the super heeb'. I have to admit my ignorance but in this case I think it's good that I didn't know that Hebe is a derogatory slur and heeb an attempt to reclaim it. So in more ways than one this was a serious bagel.

Look at it.


White fish, horseradish cream cheese and wasabi infused roe. Very satisfying and could easily feed two for lunch. My only grip was that the horseradish could have more kick but that's probably just my whacked tastebuds.

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