Friday 14 April 2017

The best breakfast ever-Dishoom

Forget Duck & Waffle, this is the real deal. I love the interior design, so much attention to detail.
The freshly pressed back grape juice did remind me of something I might drink in Bombay and the chai was rich and definitely had a kick to it.
The food is delicious.
The keema per edu, was had by Liz lemon and did induce order envy in me which was only just alleviated by stealing a spoonful to have on my green chilli cheese toast with two fried eggs and a side of crispy bacon.
Now that's what I call a good start to the day.

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The Marksman

Not since the Harwood Arms, have we had such good food inside what is still a local boozer. Very good cooking. Would like to go back.

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Chick'n sours

I am too old for this lark. It was like eating in a club. Very busy, loud dance music, so loud there was no point trying to speak to Liz lemon sat opposite me.
A shame as the food was pretty darn tasty. The only thing I might say was that the hot wings were heavy on the vinegar which deadened the taste buds to all that followed. I love sour things but they were a bit too much for me. The Sichuan aubergine was great, as was the pressed watermelon and miso slaw. I think our waiter was bemused by the fact we ordered all the sides and had more sides than meat but with accompaniments as interesting as these, why not?
Having said all that, I would go back, but with ear plugs in.

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The Sportsman

The chase gives more thrill than the kill.


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A hard won tart

There is a back story to this. The Marksman brown butter and honey tart.

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A thing a beauty..

.. is the Ottolenghi pain au chocolate.
Shard crisp exterior, soft chewy buttery interior, and a thick vein of dark intense chocolate. It was hard to stop at one.

Friday 7 April 2017

Hawksmoor Spitalfields bar

An old favourite. Still as beautiful and the food is still as tasty.
Excellent xo wings, short rib beef dip and poutine.

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Wednesday 5 April 2017


One word. Delicious

I unfortunately ran out of charge so no photos, but the fried chicken, steak tartare, short rib dip, fries, sliders and fennel salad were so so tasty!
Would definitely go again. Our wait staff were really on the ball. Professional service with a beanie on top.

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Monday 13 March 2017

Duck & Waffle, London

So the weather is great and the view spectacular and the lift ride is still pretty cool even when you are our age.
It was full and buzzing at 8am then started to empty towards 9am.
The filter coffee was very good, grapefruit juice cheek suckingly refreshing, my eggs poached as requested- yolk slightly runny and intensely orange, four rashers of bacon just a tad on the too crisp side.
The ox cheek benedict and smokey BBQ beans were very good which from liz lemon means something.
I wanted to find fault and the only thing that annoyed me was that they wouldn't let me charge my phone, but our waiter was apologetic and explained it was because phones had been stolen, which I guess in London would happen, do fair enough.

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Saturday 4 February 2017

Cail Bruich

Been here three times in last four months. Best place to eat in Glasgow IMHO. Great service, relaxed atmosphere, amazing value and excellent technique using Scottish produce in interesting ways. More interesting than the Gannet for example.
No wonder they made Sunday Times top 100.

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