Thursday 7 May 2009

Providores Tapa Room

This is my new favourite place to eat in London. Lots of little plates of yummy food with a slight Asian influence. It's located on Marylebone High Street, a place that even though it is just off of Oxford St, manages to feel like a posh village. There are quite a few swank shops on this street so it was of no surprise, that when we walked into the Providores Tapa room around two on a Friday, we found it full of ladies who lunch. Given I was with HI and Will, neither of whom are ladies, but both of whom are reasonably tall it was a bit cramped sitting at the bar, but fortunately a table for four opened up and we quickly bagged it. Being off the booze by that point I ordered one of their virgin cocktails,

Pear and fresh tamarillo muddled with demerara sugar, soda and a touch of clove

which I have to admit I didn't like, but then when I looked at the menu some kind of frenzy overcame me and I ordered lots. The good thing about eating with Will and HI is that they know the score, which is to just let me get on with it and for them to eat what is put in front of them, invariably this works out well and this was no exception. Below are our spoils.

Moroccan spiced rabbit, foie gras, chickpea and celeriac pie with Aunty Mary’s chow chow & jus.
You should have seen their little faces light up when they bit into this. They were in heaven. It was a pretty large portion too. I unfortunately couldn't have any as it had a banned substance in it but it's on my list of things to have when I can.

Mushrooms on toast with a creamy garlicky sauce. Need I say more? It was quite a generous size too. This one definitely to share

A fancy version of Miang Kam I loved this.

Tuna tataki, again I couldn't have any but Will said the tuna was very fresh and prepared just right.

Pimentos de Padron and some of the best chorizo I have had in this country, we liked them so much we ordered two portions of each!

Duck confit spring rolls with a yummy green chilli jam.

We were there for quite a while, catching up and enjoying the food. The boys enjoyed their bottle of Sauvingnon Blanc and a couple of cocktails too. The bill was not small but for the amount of food and booze and the quality of the food, we felt it was reasonable. I hope to go back.

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