Thursday 18 September 2008

Hisop II

What can I say. The environments of Cinc Sentis and Hisop are similar. Cool white interiors, minimal decor. The staff are equally friendly knowledgeable and accommodating. All this for 48 euros, it's a pretty good deal in my eyes.

Our first amuse bouche. Oyster with almond and something else I can't remember. This was very good but my oyster was slightly salty, the almond went well though.

This was amazing. Percebes juicy and tender and the water melon juicy and crisp.

I substituted the prawns and 'cap i pota' ravioli for the rice, baby squid and truffle as I had had the former the last time we were here. It was yum.

Again, my john dory with Girolles was perfect

HI's hake with morels and Escorzonera (black Salsify). Very good too.

The lamb with sweetbreads and asparagus was tasty but a little rare for my liking. A reflection of my lack of sophistication I think.

Pre dessert palate cleanser of a 'Mojito' very good. Light and fresh

pudding in a very trendy kiln jar a mixture of strawberries,cocoa and roses. liked it but not as much as the Maresme strawberries.

This meal at Hisop was inventive and probably a bit more daring in terms of combinations of flavours. Whilst we were there a well known Catalan restaurant critic was there with his son. Oriol and Guillem came out of the kitchen to greet him. He took notes and seemed to delight in many of the dishes. However,for me, it lacked that sheer happy tummy feeling that some of the dishes at Cinc Sentis had.

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