Sunday 30 November 2008

New York: lunch at the Spotted Pig.

Well, actually, it didn't quite turn out like that.

Courtesy of Continental, our flight was delayed by two hours which completely through a spanner in the works. My plan had been to go to the spotted pig for lunch, so HI could have the infamous burger and I, the Cubano. As you know the sandwich is my favourite form of food so a chance to have a face off with these two couldn't be missed.
The problem was that the Cubano was only served before 3pm. We were meant to get in at 12 noon giving us plenty of time to get there but, being late it was looking out of question. In an act of desperation and I thought genius, I phoned the pig from Newark airport in the hope that my sob story would elicit a little sympathy and they would maybe put one by for me.

But oh no, no such sympathy.

The lady on the other end did me the courtesy of asking the kitchen but came back rather promptly with a reply in the negative. 'No, it's not possible' I however heard "No Cubano for you!"

Aghast at being turned down, I said thank you and hung up. I take it as a sign of maturity that, instead of throwing a hissy fit and then making a mad dash from the hotel to get there in time, I calmly took stock of the situation and said damn them they won't get my money if they can't give me no honey. Or words to that effect. I was jet lagged, I have an excuse.

So, instead we made our way to our hotel to check-in, in a leisurely manner. Our room which was meant to be non-smoking had a distinct pong to it, so after a discussion with the reasonable front desk we headed off to Spitzer's another 'gastropub', but American this time, whilst our new room was made ready. HI had researched this place and given it was practically next door to our hotel, must have thought he was in Heaven. Spitzer's prides itself on its vast beer selection which HI set to investigating.

I love all things pickled and especially those that are sour to boot.

These were apparently from Guss' but were a little tame for my liking.

To get into the way of things we had the sliders

which were pretty tasty and came with great spicy crinkle cut fries.

HI was re-acquainted with his beloved Hitachino ale which he had first encountered in Ssam bar last year. More on Ssam bar later.

Suitably fortified we headed back to the hotel where our room still wasn't ready. I didn't kick up a fuss but they were happy to buy us a round of drinks and a 'snack' in the nattily but poncilly acronymed THOR bar.

It seems it pays to question your room.

Two cocktails $16 each and a veal slider $14 completely free. Nice.

The veal slider was pretty tasty too. Had sauteed leeks on the bottom.

A very good start to our trip.

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