Sunday 1 June 2008


I think this has to be one of the best lunch deals going.
£17.50 for three courses, of what is very good food. They have pared it down a bit, in the past you used to get canapes, and an amuse bouche. These are now gone but you still get freshly baked bread

and a glass of wine in addition to your three courses.

My rabbit salad was excellent

and my chicken main also good.

I usually don't have chicken when I eat out, as it tends to be boring and dry, but it was the best of the options and rather well done. HI has the red mullet starter

which was excellent too, crispy skin and moist fish.
Rachel had the Bream main

which again was a perfect fish dish. Will had the same as me for both starter and main. HI threw us a curve ball and ordered the veggie option, the quail egg and asparagus tart

which was probably the weakest of the mains.
My earl grey and chocolate meille fueille was very rich and decadent

whereas Will's Fraisier was light, refreshing and a great combo of raspberries with basil.

Very good.

All of this in a light beautiful room with attentive, efficient staff. In the fine dining end of the market I think Abode and Hotel Du Vin are the best options for lunch or dinner in Glasgow, and as lunch deals go, this is pretty good going.

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Rachel said...

Completely agree. Abode is awesome for lunch.
Was introduced to it by my Mum's cousin and have subsequently been there a number of times - even take clients there - it's impressive and won't break the bank.
Long may it continue!