Sunday 15 June 2008

Food blogs

I thought it was about time I came clean about how much time I spend reading about food.

It would appear it's quite a lot

It started 4 years ago when I started to read, what is still one of my most favourite food blogs, The Amateur Gourmet-an NY based blog. At the time the AG was a law student who, has over time, ditched that career for one infinitely cooler as a food writer with his own book, and a spot on the Food Network. I had posted a comment on the blog asking for rec's for an upcoming NY trip which was readily replied to by a number of folk directing me to Chowhound. At
first I thought Chowhound was a foodie's paradise but over the years I have learned to take it with a pinch of salt. My first encounter with disillusionment came after I had made a slightly drunken post after watching Nigel Slaters a 'taste of my life', in which a celebrity gets to talk about food, their life and what they would have for their 'last meal'.
I was very taken with the idea and in a slightly tipsy state posted on Chowhound regarding this. Essentially it was a self indulgent exercise, an excuse to ruminate over my favourite foods/meals and list them in a gluttonous fashion one after the other. It was a satisfying experience and I waited eagerly to hear what others would post. The next day in a more sober state I checked Chowhound, only to find my post missing. Attributing it to a drunken mis-post, I re-posted on the same topic. However, the next day it was still no where to be found.
I had fallen prey to the silent editing so prevalent on Chowhound which is common knowledge to many others but was news to me. After that I started to look with a critical eye and it was apparent that the board was not without it's faults. There are people, especially on the New York board who love to big up their favourite restaurant, which only serves to give an unbiased view to those new to the city looking for some impartial advice. One poster in particular likes to use a particular phrase, so much so that if you do a search about the restaurant in question her posts will come up one after the other with the exact same sickening phrase 8 posts in a row! I know you like the guy but please, stop being so sycophantic!
Since then I have been less inclined to post reports back, preferring to lurk. the UK board is a lot less precious and biased and the folk on there seem to be genuinely helpful without any axes to grind.
Egullet and Mouthfuls are other international food boards that I read on a daily basis being good resources for planing holidays around.

In the UK there are a few blogs I read regularly, but that are Londinium-centric.
Dos Hermanos- meow!
Andy Hayler
London Delicious
Silverbrow on food

Barcelona food girl

In Sydney-
Grab Your Fork

Real Thai

Chubby Hubby

Amateur Gourmet
Wandering eater
Opinionated About Dining

Chuck eats

I also read ny mag every week, hey I can dream..

I would also have to add that since starting my own blog I have a new found respect for the time and effort these people put into their blogs.
It is a labour of love, and one which I appreciate.

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