Monday 11 May 2009

Cake heaven at Cafezique.

As if our lunch a couple of hours earlier at Crabshakk was not decadent enough, John and I decided we needed cake. Having been impressed with Delizique's cake selection previously, I suggested we went there. Being greedy and being unable to decide what we wanted, we ended up choosing three slices between the two of us

We sat in Cafezique and had tea and coffee whilst working our way through our spoils. I thought I did detect a couple of jealous glances from other patrons but they may well have been looks of disbelief at how much cake two people could eat.

Lemon polenta cake which was light and airy, which is just as well given the thick layer of cream and berries sandwiched in the middle of it.

oohy gooey cake of previous rapturous blogpost, so rich you need cream to eat it even with booze soaked morello cherries on the bottom.

and lime tart, to make us feel a bit healthy, although I have to say I still prefer lemon tart.

If you want cake go to Cafezique.

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