Sunday 3 August 2008


Saturday was a potentially busy day so we headed off early to that most awful of streets, Oxford St. Our destination was Selfridges the shopping mecca for all those who don't live in London, and for some of those who do. It also was conveniently close to our lunch destination for that day, Tomoe sushi on Marylebone Lane. I had read about this place on Chowhound where it was recommended highly by Oonth, a sushi aficionado, having lived in Tokyo and NY. He says to sit downstairs, which wasn't open when we went, and to ask for the special soy, of which I was told there was none. No special soy for you. Maybe next time.

It did not disappoint.

We had some Edamame to start.

I had yellowtail, marinated mackerel, eel, o-toro and tuna nigiri and the others had

sashimi and sushi deluxe platters between them.

We shared a bottle of sake which was the most pleasant sake I have had to date. All of us agreed the sushi and sashimi to be excellent.
A definite find, and a place to return to.

Thanks Oonth!

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