Sunday 1 April 2012

the Wolseley

was a big disappointment.

This was our third time for breakfast, and in the intervening year it was quite evident that cost cutting measures are in place. This when your bill comes to £45 for some mediocre food takes the shine off the place.

You may say that I am being fussy, but when handing over that amount of money for breakfast I feel I ought to be.
For example, the salt beef hash has been taken off then menu. So, HI ordered the haggis and hash, which was exactly the same dish but with haggis. As they still serve the salt beef sandwich, a little customer service which would have gone a long way, would have been to offer to make the dish up, given they have all the composite parts.

Unlike on previous occasions there was no paper and colouring pencils for the little one, and when I asked to see what pastries were on offer, instead of them being paraded in front of me on their own magnificent trolley, I was handed the menu again. The chocolate milkshake the little one had was watery in comparison to the far superior Byron version, and I doubt there was any ice cream in it.

My kedgeree could only be described as gloop. I make a pretty decent version myself from the John Pawson book, and I believe the rice should be fluffy and the components recognisable. There was far too much curry powder used, which completely over powered the reasonable pieces of smoked haddock. I couldn't finish it.

Of course we will not be going back. Our love affair with the place is over. But no matter, we have a new favourite breakfast venue or two..

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