Monday 2 April 2012

Blythswood Hotel Bar

Blythswood Square used to be known as a place ladies of the night could be found, but this multi million pound hotel is going some way to sanitise the reputation of the area.

The bar seems to have the only decent serious cocktail list in Glasgow. Where Edinburgh had some serious contenders (Bramble, the Raconteur (now closed), Bon Vivant to name a few), the Glasgow cocktail scene was more of the neon cocktail umbrella school, than the old Skool. OK, ok the Fininieston and the bar at the Butchershop are decent too

Fortunately this has now changed and the well stocked liquor selection allows for some classics to be made and for the knowledgable bar tenders to create cocktails to taste. Unfortunately this can end up being pricey with each cocktail averaging £10 plus, which is more than specialist cocktail bars in London of a similar if not higher caliber, charge.

Speakeasy it is not, but it is still top of the list when a serious cocktail is order of the day.

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