Wednesday 14 January 2009

New York: Burger Joint & Bemelmans.

Ludwid Bemelmen was an author and an artist whose only remaining work on view to the public can be seen on the walls of Bemelmens bar in the Carlyle.

It is also home of what is considered to be the best Manhattan in Manhattan and was where HI's other love, Audrey Saunders, honed her craft before opening the Pegu Club.

What better way to soak up the alcohol than with a Burger and Burger Joint happens to be in the vicinity. We try to come here on every trip and I know some people say it's all hype but I still think it's pretty cool. It's located in the foyer of the swish Le Parker Meridien and looks like a place Fonze would hang out in.

It's pretty busy most of the time, so it pays to know what you want and not to mess about at the counter.

I think the burger as a whole can be tasty but I think the patty itself is a bit lacking in seasoning, but that is easily sorted.

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