Friday 15 May 2009

Viet Grill

We headed here after HI and Will had imbibed many alcoholic beverages at Red and Green and then Lounge Bohemia. This time we were sat upstairs and it was pretty busy. Much to my dismay, the boys only had eyes for the booze so my ordering was much curtailed.
We started off with some salt and pepper squid

which was very good and not chewy at all, then the fuedal beef

which they loved but due to my altered taste buds, I wasn't a huge fan of. The for our mains

we had the braised beef which was very good, succulent and rich, garlic greens, again very good, and a seabass that was disappointing as there was not much flesh to be had. In retrospect it was probably just the right amount of food to order but you know me, I always want to try as many things as possible. HI was slightly underwhelmed, I think he prefers the heat of Thai or Sichuan cooking, whilst the subtleties of Vietnamese cooking were probably lost on his drunken palate!


Unknown said...

Good Afternoon,

My name is James Edwards and I work with Vietnamese Kitchen; a growing chain of authentic, London-based Vietnamese restaurants whose venues include Cay Tre, Viet Grill and Keu Deli.

Thank you for mentioning Viet Grill above – we really appreciate the publicity!

I was just wondering whether you might be able to include a link to our homepage in your article?

The link is:

I’d be very grateful if you could let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Kind regards,

James Edwards

Outreach & Support
Desk: 0203 4321 366
4b Union Court, SW4 6JP

Unknown said...

Good Evening James,

I got in touch a couple of weeks ago on behalf of Viet Grill, who you had mentioned in the past (

May I ask if you’d be able to include a link to our homepage in your article?

The link would be:

If you could let me know I’d be grateful.

Kind regards,

James Edwards