Sunday 5 July 2009

Pinchito tapas

We headed here after the wedding, hoping that it would be open, and we were in luck, for there are not to be many places open in Shoreditch before five. I liked the vibe of the place, it was very Born- Barcelona. We shared some Padron with the obligatory hot few, I had two very tasty handmade lemonades.

and HI had a blood and sand,

a cocktail which is not often found in cocktail bars.

I would definitely come back to Pinchito Tapas to sample the food as it's a lot closer than Barcelona.

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FatBanker said...

I reckon you'd do well to head back for the food sometime. Although not as refined as, say Brindisa or Fino, the tapas are generally excellent and authentic. Hanging out there is just pretty dang cool too. Hope you enjoy!