Friday, 6 February 2015

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Scran and scallie

Another lovely lunch at the Scran and Scallie. Tempura squid, steak tartare, carrot and goats cheese salad, game consommé,triple cooked chips with garlic mayo. Puddings maybe not as strong.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Scran and Scallie

Well, there is a lot going for this place. Lovely decor, good service with a lot of attentive waitstaff, some good cocktails both alcoholic and non, in fact the non alcoholic being the better of the two. The food was pretty good too. It's child friendly not just tolerant which is a great plus.

What were the negatives: the inside of my steak pie was so hot that the other two mains were finished by the time it was edible. When most food served in restaurant runs the risk of being lukewarm it seems churlish to say this is a drawback.
The other disappointment was my winter moijto which I ordered as it was meant to have ginger beer apple juice and other things in it. When I got it there was no ginger beer and too much ice so it started off very alcoholic then very watery.
The sour plum drink was amazing as was the milkshake.
The tempura squid very good with a great doping sauce.
The steak tartare was very good also.
The crispy pigs ears and cracking a bit too hard for me.
The bavette was very good and the steak pie, which looked lovely and was tasty was the weakest of the lot which is not that weak at all.


Hot sour plum

Not warm bread

Very good squid

Very good steak tartare

Watery too strong moijto

Friday, 28 November 2014

Cail Bruich

This family run restaurant used to have a branch in the oddly chosen location of Quarriers village. This has since shut and is now a home baking cafe called the three sisters.

I have had lunch here before, but never dinner and was keen to try it. The chef here seems to take his food seriously and did a stage at Noma last year.

The positives are good service if more formal than the gannet and definitely than Ox and finch.

The lighting also could do with being turned up. I know, I sound like the old person I am but I find it essential to be able to see what you are eating. After all presentation leads to anticipation leads to enjoyment.

That aside, the food does show good technique and the combination of ingredients show a palate with reasonable taste.

It was a surprise to get amuse bouch, all of which were very good especially a gouger that was filled with something green but very tasty.

There was also a complimentary pre-starter of a mushroom cappuccino, which was savoury and tasty.

I have only two criticisms: one of which eas that I thought the food over salted, and I am the first to admit I usually love salt. I don't know if it was because the jus that accompanied my beef cheeks was reduced so much it had become a very sticky, intensely savoury and lovely sauce, but in that process the salt came more to the fore?
The other note was that my celeriac was slightly on the hard side but still a good foil for the meat.

The treacle tart was much better than The Gannet's but I do not understand why it was served with an intensely Lemon purée.
It was nice enough it could have been served just with clotted cream.
The lemon purée appealed to my palate as I like sour things but it was not natural in its consistency and almost ascorbic acid in its sourness. A nods to Heston but not one that was necessary.

Sorry about the poor quality photos, the lighting was low and for some reason some of my pictures are missing.


Lovely freshly baked bread

Pulled pork croquette

Sea bream ceviche very good

Very rich, unctuous beef cheek


Treacle tart with lemon purée

Plum pudding not as good as Mark Greenaways


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Another child friendly place that serves decent food.

Salad special of the day marinaded melon with Parma ham and goats cheese. This was very good.

The hunters rabbit rice dish. The rabbit was moist and it was a generous portion size although I wish they had used a different grain of rice.

3 very large fresh king prawns, sweet flesh with a very tasty chilli caper dressing.


Italian caffe

I have been coming to this place for at least 7 years and glad to see its still going strong. It's perfect for a Paleo ish diet and suits my eldest (5yrs old) palate too.
We had lovely mother- son lunch
With a very good steak tartare with a lot of cornichon and capers and that had a good bite to it too.
Beef carpaccio with rocket and mussels in marinara sauce.

Lovely beef carpaccio

Green olives only


Bread meats bread

I am a bit late to this party but this place is felt to be one of the best burger places in Glasgow. HI days it's the best and he has sampled a fair few so I take his word for it.
Like many trendy places (yes, I am old) it doesn't take reservations and at lunchtime there was a queue out the door.
They are child tolerant which is a good thing for us and the service was reasonable given how busy it was.
My eldest pronounced his share of my burger 'very delicious' and was very taken with the poutine. Really who wouldn't be? Chips, cheese and gravy...