Thursday 7 May 2009

The Wolseley.

AA Gill was right, of course.

Breakfast at the Wolseley is one of the most pleasurable ways of starting your day. It was a Friday morning and it was almost full, however, we managed to snag what I thought to be an ideal corner seat, in the room at the front. This way I could keep an eye on what was going on round about. There was the genteel mix of clientele you would expect: suits, sophisticated tourists and us. What I liked most about the place is the silverwear. There was a tea straining contraption that I had never used before, which required two to use. People round about ordered Tisanes that would have had Poirot shivering with delight. I was fairly conventional with English Breakfast tea and a lovely buttery raisin danish. HI had of course a champange cocktail and a bacon roll, both of which made him very happy..

We aim to go back.

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