Saturday 4 October 2008

Eusebi (garlic) deli II

After a particularly bad morning at work I found myself in the vicinity of Eusebi deli again, and it made it all better. I had a lovely chat with a lady who I think is Giovanna's mum. She heated up a fishcake for me and told me that the West End deli will hopefully be opening in November which will just be in time for my birthday. Hurrah! I was also saved from death by cannoli, by Giovanna. I thought I would buy five of them but she convinced me that would be too much, so I bought three.

I am glad I listened to her, because lovely as they were, five would had been way too much. Where else would a shop owner under sell you? That is what I call caring for your customer. The cannoli were heavenly and not soggy like the other place.

My fishcake was lovely, with big flakes of white fish, and capers making it moist and spicy. Roll on November!

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