Wednesday 12 November 2008

Fifi and Ally redux.

What does Ron Mckenna know? I asked myself. 'Well, he has a column in the Herald so that ought to be worth something.' I replied.

But does is it?

I guess I was just going to have to find out for myself. What the hell am I talking about you may be asking yourself. Why FiFi and Ally of course.You know how I feel about this place, so I won't repeat myself. But what I will say is that I was pleasantly surprised.

I think there were a number of reasons. First off we went to the big space in Wellington St, and we went for dinner. Both of these things could only mean that the service had to be better then the usual shambles experienced at the Princes Square location. That, and the fact that the place was relatively quiet meant that we got to pick our table, sit side to side, and not have to wait ages to get served. Another plus point is that from Wednesdays to Friday they do a very good value dinner offer of two courses plus a glass of wine for £16. The only discrepancy is that on website pdf it says a large glass but, at the restaurant it says a small glass. If I was in quibbling mood I would have gone armed with a printed copy to see how they responded. But I wasn't, so we will have to fight that fight another day.

HI had a pleasant seafood chowder which was tasty but not as good as Fanny's in HI's opinion.

I went for the steak which came as asked, medium-rare and quiet tasty. The standout was the Bearnaise which I normally eschew but on this occasion I ate all of it. I must point out that neither of these dishes were on the early bird special but I intend on going back to try that out.

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