Sunday 6 April 2008

Liquid Ship, Bon Voyage..or not.

We went to the Liquid Ship for a couple of drinks and some snackage to celebrate K's trip to India, where he was going to spend the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately, he was one of many who had bought a flight down to T5 with BA, to catch his connecting flight with Virgin to go to his friends wedding in Delhi. So, we sat there pondering, 'this time tomorrow you will either be:'

'1. Still in Glasgow 2. In Heathrow 3. On your way to Delhi.'

There was no way of telling. We researched alternative routes:
1. the mega bus-no!
2. the train-v.expensive
3. BMI - possible but if the weather was the reason for all the cancellations then not a reliable option.
What didn't compute was the fact that on the Virgin website it said their flights were unaffected by the weather.. oh well maybe T5 has it's own eco-sphere.

To help us along with our musings we had:

The Regatta platter: from left to right hummous, sardines, toasted baguette ancienne, Chorizo, Dunsyre blue, Manchego and Romesco.

Grilled Chorizo with Patatas Bravas and lemon creme fraiche.

All washed down with a delightful Sauvingnon Blanc. The next installment of this enthralling adventure will be tomorrow!

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