Saturday 26 April 2008


What could have been a disastrous evening was saved at the last moment by some very tasty Thai food.

We originally were set to have an evening of Swank at Hotel Du Vin, to celebrate Vicky's 30th. Unfortunately she was unwell and the evening was cancelled. Four of us headed off to the old faithful, Stravaigin with the hope that there would be a Rabbit special on. But it was not to be, the worst thing imaginable had happened, and we were told by James that due to a problem with the kitchen there would be no food that evening.

I almost didn't know what to say.
The four of us sat and pondered what to do over a drink. Our options were Asia Style, MIC or Big Blue-we ended up going to Thai Siam. I am glad we did.

Rachel and I have a long history with Thai Siam. Ever since travelling round Far East Asia in 1997 we had a love of Thai food and used to go to Thai Siam every week. Back then it was run by a Scottish man, his Thai wife and staffed by some of their children. It had what was authentic Thai cooking at very reasonable prices, and as far as I was concerned was the best Thai in Glasgow. I don't know what happened, but the family sold up and it was taken over by a new owners and almost immediately the menu and cooking changed. There was evidence of Chinese cuisine on the menu and that's when the food started to go down hill. For that reason Rachel and I, with heavy hearts, stopped going.

However, it seems that the owners must have realised that it was better to concentrate on one cuisine, and to do it well, as over the last year the food has improved greatly. The only problem that remains is one that seems to affect all of the Thai restaurants in Glasgow. They all seem to go for that overly ornate and formal style that must be in keeping with Royal Thai cuisine, but also ends up giving the atmosphere a bit of an oppressive feel no matter how busy it is.
Oh for strip lighting, formica tables and beckoning cats.

Anyway enough moaning and onto the food. It was good. I left very full and happy.

We started off with the good Prawn crackers-the dark brown spicy ones, ideal with beer.

HI braved the headache inducing Chang, we stuck with the Singha.

Starters included

Prawn cakes, Chicken satay

spring rolls

and the amazing butterflied King prawns in sticky tamarind sauce. Finger-licking good.

Mains included Larb: very hot! Could have done with a touch more fish sauce, lime juice and shallots.

Som Tam very good almost like the stuff in Bangkok but without the green papaya.

More Prawns!!

Duck curry
- HI didn't really like this for some reason

Prawns in Red Curry very tasty- hence no photo!

Chicken stir fry with sweet basil, chili and green beans

We had shed loads of food and even though we stuffed ourselves till our food bellies were at 6 months, there was still food left over to take home. All this plus many beers worked out at £30 per person.

I am still thinking about those prawns.

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fraufraser said...

Hello curious eater, Rachel here. Was wondering if I could have a pseudonym like him indoors but maybe just a little bit cooler! Last night was a disaster averted what a nightmare. Hope Vicky is feeling better. Was worried last night was going to be dry for u in terms of blog material. Thai Siam was indeed a good save and reminiscent of those student meal out treats. My muscles r aching today following an ├╝ber gym session with u yesterday. I went sailing today and barely managed the rope pulling during tacks. Made some lovely lentil soup on board (green&puy lentils) U would have been proud!! Off to get some deep heat rubbed in to my muscles courtesy of the Swedish beach volley ball team!! (I wish) R x