Sunday 14 September 2008

Paco Meralgo: umami-tastic

We ate here four times. We liked the setting, the bustle, the efficiency. And of course-the food! We found our perfect combination for happy tummy city.

Padron, Jamon, Pan amb tomate and Steak tartare-just right

Tallerines- I loved sucking these juicy little morsels form their shells, dripping with olive oil and lemon juice. Finger licking good.

Solomillo with pepper and Pepito our favourites!

What can I say? I have never had beef cooked this perfectly. Very very tender, very rare, yet peppery and seared on the outside. One of my favourite dishes of the week. One that could make me sit in happy, contented silence.

Pepito-veal fillet in brioche, this was one of HI' favourite dishes of the week. It was decadent, rich and soo tasty. Buttery juice oozed down your fingers when you took a bite.

All washed down with cava.


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Brock McGinnis said...

You and the Bowmore 25 gal were brilliant dinner companions. Thanks for ordering and hope to cook for you soon.