Thursday 7 May 2009

Mhor Fish.

Ok so it's time to get off my ever increasing ass and write up some places, in order to get curious-eater back on the intraweb.

This one is long overdue. I actually went to Mhor Fish last August, on a work awayday no less, but in the interests of anonnimity decided not to post about it, primarily so people from work would not find the blog! I think enough time has elapsed that they will have forgotten about my taking photos of the food, for me to proceed.

Mhor fish is located in the only street of Callander a sleepy tourist village.

It is one of a few ventures (Mhor bread, tea and Monachyle) owned and run by the Lewis family of Monachyle Mhor , a swank hotel in the middle of nowhere, with Chef Tom Lewis in the kitchen producing food that is lauded by many. I don't think many people would argue with me when I say there is not much to do in Callander other than go for some picturesce walks and buy some tourist tat, so it is lucky to have a place, that in my humble opinion, serves such good food.

The interior is light and bright and reminds me of the Stravaigin school of interior design-random bits of stuff that when haphazardly placed together looks quite cool.

The cafe, for it is a posh cafe, sources its produce either form the farm at Monachyle Mhor or from a fish trawler in Scrabster, so. when knowing the provinence of your food is becoming more of a foodie necessity these days, Mhor fish hits the nail on the head.

The fresh fish counter which is one of the many draws to the place. The langoustine and bivalves were still alive and kicking and the fish the freshest I have seen in a long time.

I started with some oysters,

which were plump and creamy and the bets I have had other than at St John.

But it was my main that won my heart.

Halibut pan fried with a creamy curry sauce and braised lettuce and peas. I love Halibut but wasn't too sure about the creamy curry sauce thinking it would be a bit too Coronation Chicken for my liking. How wrong I was, especially when the chips, which are deep fried in beef dripping , were used as an accompainiment. Mouthfuls of heaven. The chips are the best I have had.

This is one of the few places I know of that still does a fish supper tea: fish and chips, bread and butter and a mug of tea. Nice.

As if this wasn't good enough, then there was pudding. I carried on the cafe theme and opted for some vanilla ice-cream which ousts my previous fav of Cream of Galloway from the top spot. Soaves vanilla, try some. Creamy and not too sweet, something that many vanilla ice-creams fall foul of. Yum.

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