Sunday 7 December 2008

New York: lunch at the Spotted Pig.

And this time I mean it!! I have read much about how difficult it is to get a table here especially at brunch. I think the trick is to go at 11 am. We were the second folk in, and got seated at a lovely table upstairs which I much preferred, as it's a lot less cramped. We had a couple of cocktails to start, it is brunch after all.

Of course HI had the burger and I the cubano.

The burger was all that. The fries were great: rosemary and fried slivers of garlic, very moreish.

My cubano was disappointing.

I forgot I don't like warm sandwiches and this is pressed. The cheese kind of absorbs the flavour of the pork and although there are gherkins in I felt it could do with more of a kick like some jalapenos.

As for the place it is very much done up like a little house of pig horrors,

See what I mean? Some of the pigs are cute some are darn right scary. You also feel as if you are in middle england or little britain. Very kitsch.

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