Saturday 20 September 2008

Dry Martini: the best cocktail bar in Barcelona.

We went here everyday. We were probably ten years younger than most of the other patrons but it is a cool place to sit and drink well-made cocktails, in a comfy unhurried manner. It's very 1920's with lots of wood paneling and leather although only being open since 1973! The men behind the bar wear very smart black and white uniforms and are great to watch. The shelves are full of antique gin bottles dating form the turn of the 20th century, and it is a place that will know how to make a proper old fashioned. They specialise in Dry Martini's of course but also have 8 house Gin and tonics that they created. My favourite was the Jim Let Fox Trot.

The biggest Gin and Tonic in the world lives here. Aaah.. Hurray for Dry Martini!

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