Monday 15 February 2010

Asia Style

I know, I know. I really should start trying out some new places, but it's hard to, when you know that if you come here you are guaranteed a tasty meal. There were six of us which is an ideal number as it allows for mucho ordering of food.

The usual suspects prevailed.

Malaysian pancakes, we have gotten into the habit of asking for extra sauce which they are happy to provide no questions asked.

salt and pepper ribs, which are finger licking good

salt and pepper prawns

Interestingly the sichuan chicken which was very good, is different to the sichuan beef. The former comes in an addictive light crispy coating whereas the latter is thinly slice tender strips of beef, both of which are spicy and moreish

kangkong with ginger and garlic was tender and fresh

seabass, the last time we had this it came steamed with ginger and garlic and was very light, this time although we thought we had asked for the same thing it came with an abundant sauce all over it, still, very tasty.

crispy beef, I don't know why my friends insist on ordering this, as far as I am concerned it is a waste of a dish as it's all crisp and no beef.

all this and some beers for £16 each. you can't ask for better than this.