Saturday 9 August 2008

Cafe Zique II

I thought it was about time to give this place another go so Choiti and I went last Monday. The surly guy was not there and in his place was a Mika wannabe who was very pleasant. It was quieter than the last time but the service was still pretty relaxed. So much so that another couple left 5mins after sitting down. The menu had changed since the last time and seemed to be more focused on the specials than the regular menu:

so we decided to share a poached egg with crab cake,

which was very good but not as naughtily tasty as the one I had at Fanny Trollope's, and a lamb chop with bean salad,

which was good- the lamb was cooked pink but I couldn't help but think that the bean salad tasted exactly like the one I buy from M and S, and a pastrami sandwich on their shop made ciabatta.

This was disappointing as I felt there was not enough pastrami and personally I prefer English to Dijon. I suppose I just expect a Katz's-esque type sandwich. However, all said and done we thought the food was better than last time, and we love the space.
(I am slightly disappointed my photos did not turn out better despite it being a lovely evening, which prompted me to bite the bullet a but a long awaited new digital camera, one whose zoom will actually work!)
The slow service suited us well as we had a lot to catch up on, so on balance we think we will go back!

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