Sunday 1 April 2012


We really like Byron.

The folks in London are spoiled for choice with high end offerings from Bar Boulud, Goodman, Hawksmoor to the too cool for Skool meatliqour, Spuntino and Miskins offerings to Hache, Gourmet burger Kitchen and Fine Burger Co. There are some blogs dedicated to the search for the ultimate burger, Burgerac being very cool and the debate rages long and hard on the UK Chowhound board. For a very good blow by blow comparison look here.

Having thrown over Bar Boulud for Soif this trip, I haven't yet tasted the Piggie or the Frenchie for myself. We could have had lunch at Spuntino for it was empty when we walked past, but it was distinctly toddler unfriendly with only high bar stools for seating. As for meatliqour the thought of standing in a queue for an hour plus, was not enough to make me want to go, no not even for deep fried pickles.

So, having eaten at the other places, we find that Byron for your everyday burger hits the spot, at least our spot. A big plus is that they are toddler friendly, an influencing factor when it comes to our London lunch choices now. I have the Byron burger medium rare with the Byron sauce on the side and a topping of jalapeƱos, HI has the cheeseburger with blue on top, which oddly they said could only be served a minimum of medium. We had the Courgette fries as well as the regular fries and they seem to be a sure fire way of getting HI and the little one to eat vegetables.

The chocolate malted milkshake remains one of my favourite. It is a meal in itself. I have to share it with everyone at the table to do it justice.The fact that it contains a huge amount of good chocolate ice cream puts it way above of other milkshakes I have had, and the malt gives it that little bit extra.

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