Friday 4 April 2008

Asia Style.

This place is great and I go here as much as my friends will let me, as it lends itself to multiple dish ordering and sharing. At least that's the explanation I give. It serves Cantonese and Malaysian food that has the ring of authenticity to it. This is confirmed by the fact that there is a secret menu available only to those that speak the chosen dialect.

The menu that we get given is a charming cross between a multiple choice answer book, and a lottery ticket.

The look is basic, with strip lighting and formica tables, but that is cool: it's almost like being back in Malaysia.

And then there is the service. Well now, there seems to be a theory that says the better the food the more, what shall we say, 'brusque' is the service. Well the food is pretty good here and the service is..

Again, we have it honed down a our favourite few dishes. A Malaysian pancake to share.

This reminds me of my first night in Kuala Lumpur about 11 years ago. We were in a group of about 15 on a University elective and Rachel and I were the only ones 'brave' enough to go native and Malaysian pancake or Roti Canai was what we had. Anyway as you can see the curry sauce is so tasty it doesn't last long, and indeed, merits the bowl being wiped with our fingers.

On to our mains, salt and pepper king prawns large juicy prawns perfectly cooked with only the lightest of peppery batter coating it. It is served with a fiery mix of chopped fresh coriander and birds eye chilis, which if you can handle it gives you some hit. This goes well with Kangkong Sambal

a plate of steamed greens then flash fried with garlic and sambal which I think is of the Belacan variety.

Chicken Schezaun is probably the least exotic of the dishes but the chicken is tender and the coating light and the combination of slightly chewy batter and moist chicken perfect. All this is had with thin noodles, spring onions and bean sprouts.

It's the sort of food that you keep eating even though you are full and even though you know your belly is going to hurt because it is so full of the good stuff.

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Unknown said...

Yeah yeah, that's all well and good...

But the place smells like an oriental octogenarian's feet.