Saturday 16 August 2008

Kung Phao and Vietnamese salad

Feeling very guilty the day after the cold sesame noodles I tried to even out the balance by making a healthy accompaniment to the Kung Phao, of which I made a fresh batch. Vietnamese stylee salad fitted the bill.

I don't know how authentic this is as it's not from any recipe in particular but conjured up from that odd place, my brain. It's quite easy to make, even more so know I have one of those Julienne things from Lakeland. Hurrah!

For the dressing I put

juice of 1 lime
1 long red chili sliced
fish sauce
chopped spring onions
Chinese rice vinegar the clear stuff
and some soy sauce.

I usually muck about with the quantities to suit my taste, I know some folk add some sugar but I can't tell the difference, I prefer quite sour, hot dressings..

The salad itself can be whatever you have but I like red onion, cucumber, carrot bean sprouts all sliced into strips. To this I add some fresh Thai basil leaves and some crushed up peanuts if there are any in the house.

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