Tuesday 5 May 2015

Ox and finch

Definite london vibe. The only thing that let it down was the slow service. The food came out quickly enough but our empty plates say on our table for 10 minutes by which time I changed my mind about ordering pudding as at this rate it would have added another 40 minutes to our meal. Even after our plates were cleared it took another 10 mins to pay the bill.

Anyway, the food was good..

Beetroot and goats cheese salad. Tasty but I could make this at home.

This was good, but the fish could have been served by itself it was so good. The salad was tasty but texturally they need not have been served together.

Prawns with Harissa. HI enjoyed this. I thought the prawns would come grilled so not prepared for the chickpea stew side of things.

Very good chips

Tasty rump of beef but as you can see a significant amount was fat.