Thursday 31 July 2008


or phonetically ashay. The meaning of which is, apparently, from the French to chop.

Phew, now that's over I can tell you about the food.

I had been sent on an errand by HI who had elected to stay in Glasgow while I gallivanted around London. My destination that morning was a small place called Village Games, one of the few purveyors of Japanese puzzle boxes or Karakuri. I had an amusing conversation with the lady, whom I assumes owns and runs the place, which basically consisted of her be-moaning the fact that 98% of people into puzzles are fat over-weight white middle aged men. Fortunately HI is in one of the other two percent.

Once in possession of my prizes, I stopped into Mega City comics to purchase some lunchtime reading and to make my lone diner status a little less uncomfortable to me, as I have only ever had one other solo dining experience to date. It is something that initially filled me with trepidation but is something I think I could get used to. No-one to argue with, no need to compromise, the only down fall being that you look like a greedy bum as the food is for one, not two.

My choice for lunch was Hache which conveniently located on the same street as the comic shop. I had high hopes as it had been rated by two reliable sources..

They are onto a winning formula, the interior has a female touch with habitat garland light abounding and gothic-luxe chandeliers counterpoised by big meaty burgers.

Something for the girls, something for the boys.

As I was the first person in, the service was appropriately attentive. I ordered the Hache Catalan burger with chorizo, chili and tomato jam. This was washed down by diet coke and accompanied by some very good fries. I asked for my burger medium rare and so it came.

My only disappointment was that someone had been way too heavy handed with the tomato jam, thus drowning the taste of the burger which was tasty indeed. They had also put mayo on the bun which I had not asked for. I ended up leaving the bun, salad and chorizo due to their being coated in un-asked for substances.

Would I go back? Yes I would, but I would be a lot more prescriptive about how I want my burger to come for no-one sauces my bun but me.

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