Tuesday 29 July 2008

I love..

Google Maps!!

It would seem I have been living in the 19th century or else HI was having a private chuckle to himself. One of my holiday rituals where New York is concerned, is to print out a map of Manhattan of a high enough resolution that I can see the street names. This usually amounts to six sheets of paper that I ingeniously have to stick together with sellotape and fold, origami style. Onto this DIY map I mark our hotel and the restaurants and bars that have made it onto my list that year.
It can be pretty time consuming I tell you.
So, imagine my delight, then chagrin when I discovered on one of my regular reads, Dos Hermanos, that Google maps can do the exact same for you in about a third of the time.
What a tube.
It's not that I am a Luddite. I have used Google maps for directions and even looked at my house on Google Earth. Finally, it would seem the penny has dropped. When I casually mentioned this discovery to HI , he said of course, I thought you knew that but just preferred to spend hours with the scissors and sellotape. Bah!

The old

The new

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