Tuesday 1 July 2008

Mother India Cafe

It was Will's (second) leaving meal so we met at Firebird for a pre-prandial drink before heading to MIC. I was quite excited as I hadn't been in a while (months) and felt that I deserved it (running).

Things didn't run as smoothly as usual, resulting in us sitting for about ten minutes before we got the menus but we were happily munching our way through some poppadums at that point so we hadn't really noticed. It was only when our waitress, who was new, said that she didn't know what was in the dishes that I started to get concerned. Of course everyone blamed my ordering 'sliced raw red onion with green chili, salt and lemon juice' off menu as what threw her but I demur.

As there were six of us we ended up ordering a fair amount of the menu. Of course there was the so very tasty but so very bad for you, Butter chicken.

The sauce is especially good when mopped up with a piece of Peshwari Naan.

The equally yummy lamb mince with peas

From the left a special of lamb chops with kerala, lamb saag and a chicken karahi

Garlic chili chicken

It wasn't a complete disaster, there were just a couple of duplicate dishes, and some that were omitted.
Fortunately, as usual, the food was pretty spot on and everyone rolled out with satisfied tummies.

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