Wednesday 3 April 2013

The Bull and Last

I had really high hopes for this place but I think the weather conspired against us.
It was very hot and sunny and the menu was more suited to a wet Autumn day. By the time we got there via a walk in Hampstead Heath we were hot and sweaty and wanted something light and salad like. I therefore do not think we were able to do the menu justice. The more interesting things from the online menu had been taken off (trotter wontons, fried lamb sweetbreads, rib roll, onglet, steak hache, slow cooked ox cheeks) so we ended up ordering pretty boring things that don't really showcase the talent of the kitchen.

The sweet anchovies were good quality and the little one ate most of them.

The orrechiette with chicken livers and madeira was amazing and showed me what the kitchen was capable of, and made me want to give the place another shot at another time.

Due to the heat HI and Damian ended up ordering the fish and chips and steak pie which were the lightest dishes on offer. The other mains were just that- quite substantial mains that did not appeal with the sun beating down and the temp in the mid 20's.

The homemade ice-cream was yummy but quite pricey £2 for a small scoop. Gelupo is just as good and you get two huge scoops for the same price. The rhubarb crumble was very good but the vanilla quite pedestrian with too much sugar and vanilla pod. My personal taste leans towards cream of galloway or kelly's cornish clotted cream.

Given it's only 4 stops up the Northern line, I think we will give it another shot, especially as the wait staff were so friendly and it's toddler tolerant.

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