Monday 22 April 2013

Behemoth burger at Nice n sleazy's.

HI has decided to use James vs burger as his guide to eating his way round Glasgow's burgers. Being quite hard to please normally he was quite taken with the Behemoth, no doubt in part due to the rich bone marrow gravy. Being in the vicinity we decided to pop in to check how consistent an offering it is. It being my first time here I had to fight the overwhelming urge to repeatedly wash my hands and to check my seat before I sat down ( middle aged or what) I also felt slightly envious of the hipster dudes drinking White Russians at 3 pm in the afternoon. The burger priced £7.25 with chunky fries was quite the messiest burger I have eaten ever. The gravy was excellent and was the brisket. The burger cooked medium well ( not our specification) was too finely ground for my tasty but had a good meaty taste.yhe chips were more like wedges and were ok. A tasty meal all in all. They had a special called the hogwash which I intend on trying next.

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