Sunday 7 April 2013

Wannaburger Edinburgh

In London the burger war rages with patty and bun, meat liquor, Byron, burger and lobster, Tommis all vying for first place. Edinburgh and Glasgow are following suit it would seem. James vs burger is a comprehensive and useful resource for the latest in the Glasgow Burger scene.
HI had sampled what the Cambridge bar in Edinburgh had to offer so now it was Wannaburgers time. I desperately wanted to like it with its too cool for school vibe and free condiments but the burger was far too American ( in a bad way) for my taste. Although the patty itself was decent the bun was too sweet, the cheese plastic and the gherkin sweet as well. No, no and no. The shake was decent but still not as good as Byrons. I have emailed them again asking when they are opening a branch in Glasgow!

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