Monday 18 August 2008

Thai Siam II

I had met up with Chris and Choiti for a quick drink in Firebird before deciding where to go for something to eat. We all fancied Asia Style but it would seem that the two C's are jinxed when it comes to that place- this would prove to be the third time they would attempt to eat there only to find themselves denied. Where else then to satisfy that hot and savoury craving but Thai Siam.

We started with the good prawn crakers
followed by rather a lot of very tasty food.

My fav's the somtam closest and the chicken larb-very fiery hot!!

Then the mixed platter with chicken in pandanus leaves, chicken satay, spring rolls

The amazing tamarind king prawns big spicy gooey, definitely one to get your fingers messy with.

and then a whole lot of other very tasty stuff the names of which I can't remember the names of, as was a bit squiffy by then. From the looks of it, a chicken, chili and cashew stir-fry, a duck curry and a red curry. We ordered way too much and there were enough left overs for us all to take some home for lunch the next day.

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