Tuesday 6 May 2008


As Will is off to the big smoke (Londinium) soon, we thought we would let him pick where we went for dinner. As he loves all things Spanish is was not surprising that he wanted to have Tapas, so off we trotted to Pintxo.

I have been here a couple of times. Once was very good the other two a bit disappointing. However, it has to be said that the menu here is way ahead of many of the tapas chains that pop up here and there the only thing that is missing from the menu here is a plate of Pimentos de Padron. The venue is small and the tables are tightly fitted together. They only ever seem to have two wait staff on and for the most part they do a good job.

We ordered a bottle of Albarino and settled in for the night. I was told that we were ordering a max of three dishes each so I picked the following four:

‘patatas bravas’ with a smokey tomato sauce and lemon alioli (v) 2.95 and the Fabada £4.40

toasted catalan tomato bread (v) 2.50

Skewered chicken marinated in a citrus dressing with coriander yoghurt 3.95

HI ordered the seafood filled piquillo pepper£ 3.50, chorizo cooked with balsamic reduction£4.50 and Chorizo and jamon ‘canalones’ in a sherry spiked tomato sauce with a creamy manchego topping 3.50

and will the salt cod croquettes with alioli 3.50

Pork and Beef meatballs with toasted pine nuts in a rich tomato sauce 3.50
Slow cooked lamb with coriander, red peppers and Rioja 3.9 .

Some dishes ie the chorizo in balsamic, chicken skewers and patas bravas were excellent, the others good and the seafood peppers nasty. They would have been better had they been allowed to cool down.
It came to about 60 pounds which was ok given we had a bottle of wine that was £20 and there was plenty of food.
I am still undecided if I would come here regularly. I think I prefer cold tapas such as plates of jamon, olives and anchovies but I think in a group I think it is ideal. And credit where credit is due, at least they are trying to offer a more varied selection of dishes that are authentic.

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