Thursday 13 November 2008


It was a cold wet night, much like any other, and we needed food.

The kitchen is out of commission and we had eaten soup the last four nights in a row so we decided to venture out, but didn't end up very far. Konaki was close by and I had heard good things about it, so feeling brave, we decided to go it a go.

The entrance is deceptive and hides a huge dining room at the back. It was a Wednesday evening and it was relatively busy. It has a homey feel and the service is pretty attentive.
But what about the food. Hmmm.
Well, I know that Greek food can be really tasty but what we had was a bit hit and miss..
I normally love hummous but what we had was a bit runny, a little too tart and not garlicky enough for me. The tomato and onion salad was marred by dried oregano and, tomatoes that were frankly not that tasty.

I love tomatoes and onions and can eat huge quantities of each but again, as with most things, I think it depends on the quality of the produce to begin with. Then there were the whitebait.

They came with an intensely garlicky puree but were a bit soggy. I suppose my benchmark were the crispy little buggers we devoured in Barcelona.

My Stifado, slow cooked beef stew, was quite tasty and good for a cold night and I ate all of it, but HI's Sikoti me kremidakia-slow cooked liver was quiet disappointing.

Stifado at the front, Liver at the back.

As you know the pan-fried liver dish at Italian Caffe has been declared the best dish in Glasgow by HI and I think he was hoping for a contender but the liver was a bit stringy and had not been steeped in milk so had that overt offal-y taste that is the reason I don't ever eat it.

Looking at what other folk were ordering I wonder if we should have stuck to the grilled meats to start with and then some of the less adventurous cuts for mains.
Would I go back? I don't know. Maybe in a big group or with people who know it well and know what to order but there are other places that hit the spot more consistently.

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