Monday 8 December 2008

New York: Ssam bar.

I love Ssam bar.

Lots of plates of savoury goodness and quite heavily meat orientated too. In case you didn't know David Chang can do no wrong at the moment (well, unless he is offending vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians that is). And that not just in my opinion, but according to most of New York too, it would seem. First there was the noodle bar, then ssam bar, then ko and now the milk bar. Ko has a ridiculous reservation system that makes it very difficult to get a reservation and people seem to devote their lives to securing a seat. I can't be bothered with that and instead prefer the casualness of Ssam.
I think this was one of my most satisfying meals of the trip. Unfortunately I don't have any photos as we were sat right in front of the kitchen and I know that David Chang can't abide people taking photos of their food, saying they should just eat it instead, so I didn't dare wipe it out.If you want to see what all the fuss is about the look here at wandering eaters flickr photostream. It was all washed down with Sprechers root beer served in a natty Mason jar. This was so yum I drank two.

We had the yummy benton’s smoky mountain country ham (madisonville, tn) with red eye gravy. Then a succession of intense taste sensations.

The Brussel sprouts of my dreams:satur farm's fried brussels sprouts – mint, scallions, fish sauce vinaigrette. Honeycrisp apple kimchi – burger's smoked jowl, maple labne, arugula. Bánh mì – ham & chicken liver terrine sandwich. Spicy pork sausage & rice cakes – chinese broccoli, crispy shallots- this was knock your socks off hot, but tasty and the rice cakes had a pleasing texture to them. We were actually full before rice cakes arrived but still forced them down.

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